Our investors are key to achieving our goal of creating places where everyone feels proud to live.

Centred in Bedford, we own or manage over 18,500 homes across the Oxford to Cambridge corridor and employ around 400 people.

We operate in some of the most expensive housing areas in the country where house prices can reach up to 10 to 12 times the average salary.

96% of our turnover comes from social housing activities.

Read our 2019 Financial Statements.

bpha Group has released its financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2019 reporting a strong operating margin of 42.6% (2018: 47.2%), with social housing lettings operating margin of 40.6% (2018: 44.3%). This was achieved along with historically high investment rates in existing and new homes, which resulted in the completion of 621 new affordable homes.

2019 Performance at a glance


surplus before tax


(earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, major repairs included)


operating margin on social housing lettings

A+ (negative)

credit rating from Standard & Poor's


Regulator of Social Housing viability rating


Regulator of Social Housing governance rating

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Julian Pearce
Chief Financial Officer

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Gosia Motler
Head of Corporate Finance and Strategy

Head Office
Bedford Heights
Manton Lane
MK41 7BJ