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Half Year Financial Report 2023

bpha maintains strong financial performance in half-year report

bpha today (1 December) released its half-year financial report for the six months ended 30 September 2023.

The report shows our key financial information halfway through the financial year and shows how we have continued to perform resiliently in the face of continuing market headwinds.

CFO, Julian Pearce said:

“The half-year results show that we remain financially robust. Things are tough for the customers we serve and our financial stability allows us to continue to provide and invest in good homes and services.”

The statements outline how we have continued to deliver a strong and improved financial performance including:

  • We have a stable core operating margin of 41%(Sept 2022: 43%).
  • Our net cashflow from operating activities increased slightly to £33.2m(Sept 2022: £33.1m) which covers our interest payments and investment in existing assets.
  • We have built 158 homes since the beginning of the financial year (Sept 2022: 97)
  • We have invested £19.9m in existing assets.
  • Our long-term credit rating of A+(Stable) was reaffirmed by Standard and Poors in October 2023.

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You can view bpha’s housing ombudsman self assessment here.


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